3 quick healthy breakfast ideas

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A breakfast kick starts your metabolism and keeps nourishing your body after fasting overnight.

A healthy breakfast keeps your body free from the metabolic disorders and stabilizes blood sugar levels. We all have busy mornings and we don’t prioritize our breakfast time. Later on, we end up eating whatever is available which is often unhealthy.

These breakfast items will be ready in less than 10 minutes and saves you from intaking unwanted calories 🙂

Granola and Yogurt mix

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Yogurt is always a healthy choice because it contains ‘friendly bacteria’ called probiotics which helps in proper digestion. It is high in Protein, vitamins and minerals.

By combining yogurt with granola makes a complete meal as granola boosts energy, is a great source of protein and fibre, helps weight loss and is a great source of vitamin E.

Make sure your granola is homemade and without refined sugar. You can make granola using rolled oats, dry fruits and stevia. Adding fresh fruits with this yogurt and granola mix will add more nutrition to it.

Vegetable Crispy Egg Toast

Despite being tiny in size, eggs are packed with a lot of nutrition like Protein, folate, Selenium, Zinc, healthy fats and several vitamins. Simply boil the eggs and add them to a toast. A single large egg has around 186 mg Cholesterol, so eat egg yolk mindfully.

Adding eggs to the toast with some vegetables(eg. Spinach, Bell papers, Cucumbers, Pinch of lemon) makes the ideal breakfast and keeps you fuller for the whole day. For the toast, use multigrain or ezekiel bread.

Baked Fruit Bowl

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Fresh fruits are packed with many nutrients and it should be part of everybody’s diet. When you eat fruits for the breakfast it detoxifies your body, improves digestion and provides energy.

When you crave dessert for the breakfast, this fruit bowl should hit the spot. All you have to do is mixing all the fruits you like eg. mixtures of all the berries and bake them until they are soft. Remove from microwave and add some plant based milk/Greek yogurt.

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