5 Weight loss myths

Does banana make you fat? Do dairy products make you fat? Can I eat potatoes if I want to lose weight? According to the internet, we can’t eat certain foods because they will be obstacles in the weight loss journey. We often come across such thoughts and then get confused in choosing what is right for us.

Read through this article to know myths about weight loss.

Crash diet

Myth: Extreme low calorie diets are solution to weight loss

How to lose 10 lbs in just one week or how to lose weight quickly? Diets which give such high hopes are too good to be true. We often read such articles and try different diets. We follow it for 2-3 days and quit because either they are too strict or uncomfortable.

Crash diets are the diets which are used for losing weight in a very short period of time by consuming very less calories. When you starve your body and eat <= 800 kcal/day, you’re surely going to shred some pounds in a couple of days; but as soon as you stop doing a crash diet and switch to your normal calorie intake, all the lost weight is going to bounce back and may be some extra.

When you eat very less calories, your body starts losing the water weight and muscle mass. You may lose some weight but you don’t get rid of body fat.

GM diet, juice diet, cabbage soup diet, liquid diet, egg diet or any diet which makes you consume 800 calories/a day. These diets help in a rapid weight loss but comes with a lot of side effects like weak immunity, anemia, nutrients deprivation, lowering metabolism and cause serious eating disorders.

Say no to carbohydrates

Myth: Carbs make you gain weight

Human bodies and cells prefer glucose as their fuel source. Many people say- when you eat carbs, your body will convert it into sugar and then will store as fats. But in reality carbs do not make you fat, extra calories do. Glucose and fructose don’t make you fat, what makes you fat is developing insulin resistance over a long period of time due to over consumption of calories.

In a healthy diet, choosing the right type of carbs source is important. Try to choose complex carbs over simple carbs.

Take weight loss supplements

Myth: Popping weight loss pills will make you lose weight

Weight loss supplements market is one of the biggest markets in the world because they know lazy people are waiting to lose weight effortlessly. Weight loss pills, fat burners, belly busters, garcinia combogia are one of them. These OTC products are not safe to use. They make unrealistic promises about making you slimmer in a few weeks.

Although these pills make your body slim too fast, it has several side effects like increased heart rate, insomnia, allergic reactions, liver and kidney damage, high blood pressure, etc.

There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs. So, do not let these scammers fool you.

Fats make you fat

Myth: fat-free foods are healthier than the foods that contain fat

We often hear that eliminating fats from our diet and switching to fat-free products will support weight loss. Fat free products tend to remove natural fats from the food and add synthetic fillers made in laboratories.

However, all fats are not bad and they should be included in your daily diet. Fats keep you fuller for several hours and stops you eating unwanted calories. Good fats’ sources are extra virgin olive oil, avocados, organic peanut butter, milk, yogurt,etc. Also include essential fats like omega 3, omega 6 in your daily diet. You need to stay away from saturated and trans fats such as butter, margarine, commercially packaged and fried foods.

As 1 gm of fats has 9 kcal, you need to stop over using of cooking oils. Only 15ml/day is required to keep your body healthy.

No pain, no gain

Myth: The harder you push the better your result will be

In order to lose weight, we often try new strict exercises and be hard on our bodies. Going gym or doing some physical activity daily is a great thing and requires a lot of discipline but working out blindly and not giving rest to the body is also not ideal.

There are some days when your body says okay, I am too sored and I do not have energy to run a few miles or going to the gym. But we keep on pushing our bodies so hard to achieve our goals.

Sometimes taking a day off from workout and relaxing your body is also necessary to achieve and maintain the healthy weight.

Bottom line: Neither banana nor potato makes you fat until you’re in a calorie deficit, eating real whole foods and staying away from commercial foods.

You didn’t gain all your weight in one day; you won’t lose it in one day so be patient with yourself. Your body is very smart and even it wants to lose extra pounds for better functioning of your organs, all you need to do is supporting your body smartly and choosing a well balanced diet which you can follow for lifetime.

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