6 less complicated New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep

New Year – a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story ? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.

New year is rolling around and like every year we all make a list of resolutions we plan to follow but ditch them in a few weeks. Resolutions are a great way to rectify what went wrong in a previous year and set fresh goals for the upcoming year. But these life changing resolutions become burden by the next month itself because they might be too ideal and strict to follow.

Here are the very experiential and practical New Year’s Resolutions you can read through and follow for the better and healthier you. So let’s start over and go back to the drawing board.

Choose Whole Food instead of Processed Food

It’s time to return back to the way we used to eat, before the food industry ruined the food.

Whole food are those which remain close to their state in nature, they come with peel, no added sugar, additives or preservatives(Legumes, Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Tubers, Nuts and Seeds). While processed food comes in a box or a plastic wrap with added artificial flavors, refined flour, emulsifiers, trans fats and a lot of words that you can’t even pronounce from the ingredient list.

Whole foods diets are exaggerated these days because they lower the risk of Cardiac diseases, Hyperlipidemia, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer and most importantly culprit of many diseases-Obesity.

Drink more water

When you walk through a grocery store, you see a number of drinks like Aerated drinks, Juices, Flavored drinks, Energy drinks and a few more. With this variety, we hardly choose water over other drinks. And sometimes being occupied with our routine, we often forget to hydrate ourselves.

The average human body is approx 60% water and we should consume 9-13 glasses of water a day depending on our age, physical activity and types of medications we take. Drinking more water detoxifies your body, gives you more energy, keeps your heart, skin,hair and organs healthy.

Tips for making H2O your BFF :

  • Always carry a large bottle
  • Add citrus fruit slices to the plain water if you find it boring
  • Add 0 calorie flavor to water, try green tea of flavored tea
  • Aim to drink 2 glasses of water before each meal for better digestion
  • Set reminders

Cooking at home

We are too busy these days and cooking food becomes inconvenient, so we order highly addictive food from outside which is high in Calories, Sodium and Hydrogenated Fats. Takeaway food seems very appealing but in a long term your body becomes addictive and start craving for more Sugar and Sodium.

Food prepared at home is way healthier(if cooked in a healthy way) than what you’re likely to get at a restaurant. We tend to eat a smaller portion at home which means fewer Calories, Carbohydrates and Sugar. Home cooked meals are more nutrient rich as they tend to have more vegetables, grains and more dietary fibre.

So this upcoming year, minimize eating outside and aim to cook at home for avoiding health risks.

One hour of physical fitness

There is no such thing as a bad workout

There are a lot of benefits from a workout that people don’t even realize. One hour of exercise a day helps you lose or maintaining your weight, lower your Blood pressure, Cholesterol and keeps your Sugar levels in control. Research says that exercise relieve your symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety and helps you getting better sleep.

Weather it is High intensity, Low impact or relaxing, the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen. In order to being fit and active, you don’t need to buy a gym subscription. All you have to do is choosing suitable sports or physical activity that you actually enjoy(e.g. Walking, Running, Cycling, Climbing, Yoga, Dancing or whatever it could be) because if it becomes boring, the resolutions are gonna dumped by February itself  😂 

A Good Sleep Solves Everything

Getting a good 7-8 hours sleep brings your cortisol levels down and regulate other hormones, increases immunity, reduces inflammation, helps with anxiety and depression.

People with poor sleep pattern may develop Cognitive Disorders. For getting a sound sleep- Avoid having caffeine after 4 pm, Sleep in a cool and dark room as it improves Melatonin levels, Avoid having a heavy meal before bed because your organs also need rest, Turn off screens before going to bed.


Don’t neglect your mind. Train it as hard as you train your body.

When it comes to being healthy, being in a healthy state of mind is equally important. Meditation is like multivitamins to your brain which needs to be taken everyday. Meditation helps with anxiety and stress. It improves your attention, focus and decision making. It helps in reducing Alcohol and Substance abuse.

Mental and physical health go hand in hand. Meditating for even 20 minutes per day improves mental and emotional health. Start practicing mindfulness everyday this year for self awareness.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right 😇

Stay tuned for more posts 🙂

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