How to create a healthy plate everyday?

We can not control everything in our life but we can always control what we put in our plate

Creating a healthy plate starts with choosing the right plate. It is worthwhile to buy a smaller size of plates, cups and glasses for your meals. It automatically controls the portion of meals. So size matters when it comes to your plate, because the bigger the plate the more you will eat.

• After choosing right size of plate, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the major component of your plate should be vegetables. We generally think about getting protein as the main component of meal but instead if we choose to have vegetables as a major portion, the whole meal tends to be undoubtedly healthier.

However, do not consider filling your plate with potatoes as potatoes have negative effects on blood sugar levels. Add different green leafy vegetables and more colorful vegetables as they are high in antioxidants and vitamins. Eating a variety of them maximizes the nutrients coverage. Ideally, your half plate should be filled with variety of vegetables.

• The remaining one half of your plate should be equally divided(1/4th portion each) into whole grains(Millets, oats, quinoa, brown rice) and lean protein rich foods. These food can be from animal sources or plant based sources. But limit red meat and avoid processed meat such as sausages.

• Most of the time, the best drink to quench your thirst and to keep us healthy is plain clean water. Drinking water before each meal will help in better digestion and weight management. Apart from this, adding low fat dairy products to your plate will make the meal calcium rich.

• Adding healthy oil like sunflower oil/flaxseeds oil or olive oil in moderation(1 tea spoon/meal) adds healthy fats to the plate.

Portion of your meal should be the same everyday but adding variety of different foods makes the plate healthier and it makes you excited about the next meal 🙂

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